Tommy Bentz

Growing up in a small Wisconsin town isn't always limiting as it sounds. An eclectic musician, Bentz totes history with the violin, oboe, saxophone, guitar, and bass.  Putting all of this musical knowledge together to start a band for the first time in high school, Bentz's love of music would give him the flexibility to perform in rock, classical, jazz, blues, bluegrass and jam bands.  When asked for his resume, Bentzs list goes on...

​His sound gives credence to this fact  the many faces and different genres of music have allowed him to create his own sound: one that blends ideals from many flavors of music into one (kind of like at the ice cream store he managed as a teen). The distinct movement, layering, and syncopation of his style, though intense, is immediately accessible to the listener. Some may say that Tommy Bentz's greatest asset is his confident and mature electric slide guitar style, yet others will argue that his insightful lyrics and adept layering of sound are what keep them coming back to hear him play again and again. Regardless, with three full length albums under his belt - each of them a landmark of musical growth in a coming of age fashion, Tommy Bentz represents a man with spirit, drive, thoughtful journeys, and musical ability that so many musicians strive to achieve.

​While reading his lyrics, one gets a snapshot of Bentz's ideals - from the strength he derives from family relationships, to the all-important issue of respect in this changing world.  We read and are left with an impression of a man who learns from where he's been, uses the knowledge and presses forward into the unknown with purpose.  If lyrics alone drove Bentz's work, he'd have a great product, but no one can discount the musicians technical prowess or his warm timbre and soulful vocals.  There's a distinct blend of southern jam style rock and acoustic singer-songwriter flair, with his rounded sound being completed by remnants of his experience in jazz and classical performance.

​An ever-ambitious entrepreneur, Tommy owns and operates Brickhouse Music and calls River Falls, Wisconsin home.